When the land around the Fort Collins Recreational Park in Victoria’s South West is at its most productive, it’s not the local people but the big corporations that are benefiting.

Posted September 21, 2018 08:31:46 The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released the results of a research project into the impact of land use change on the economic wellbeing of the community.The findings have led to a wide-ranging discussion about the economic benefits of land-use change in the region, and have revealed that the average annual economic loss of local […]

Which states are currently allowing recreational marijuana?

A new survey of state recreational marijuana laws has found that some states are allowing recreational cannabis businesses to operate as long as they have a licensed grower.The survey, conducted by the non-partisan Marijuana Policy Project, found that at least 25 states have approved medical marijuana, and some are allowing it to be sold to people with certain conditions, like […]

How to get your hands on recreational fishing gear in Massachusetts

By JOE BROWNMAN/Getty ImagesWhen it comes to recreational fishing, Massachusetts may be known for its pristine beaches and pristine scenery, but it’s also home to the most popular recreational fishing camps in the country.In fact, if you’re not on the hunt for recreational fishing equipment, the state is home to a number of outdoor recreational fishing spots.For starters, the best […]

The Lad: An Unconventional View

From the outside, Catskill Recreation Center appears to be nothing more than a modern day, big box retail store.It has a new coat of paint, new fixtures and a new logo.But inside, the recreation center is a small community.“You could have been here a week ago, or you could be here tomorrow,” says Chris McDaniel, the center’s volunteer manager.The center, […]

What’s the deal with the big bang theory? The answer could change the way you view evolution

The big bang hypothesis, which posits that the universe is only about 12.7 billion years old, has been the subject of fierce debate.While the debate has centered on whether it is the result of intelligent design, some scientists argue that it could be a genuine alternative theory, or at least an alternative to creationism.In an article published by the American […]

What’s in the kayak you ask?

Chicago dispensaries recreational kayak is a recreational kayaking facility that’s based out of the Chicago area.The business opened up in January 2018 and offers a variety of recreational kayaks including kayaks that can accommodate up to two adults and two kids.The facility offers a large selection of recreational fishing gear and other kayak accessories.There’s also a small boat rental shop.The […]

Why you should visit Rockingham recreational trails

A recreation trail in the Rockingham Mountains of Maryland could be an attraction for a whole new generation of recreational marijuana tourists.The recreational trail is named Three Oaks Recreational Trail, and it’s a trail of beautiful, old-growth, redwoods that is being converted to the recreational marijuana industry.“It’s the largest of the three,” said Matt Smith, a senior manager at the […]


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