How to get high on marijuana in Arizona? With marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana shops, and marijuana farms.

The Arizona Republic is reporting that recreational marijuana dispensaries in Arizona are being allowed to sell cannabis to customers and receive up to $2,500 in tax credits, while recreational marijuana farms have been granted exemptions from state regulations. The recreational marijuana businesses will have to register with the state and have at least two full-time employees, according to the report.There is […]

Which park is best for catwalk/ramp/mountain biking?

The best catwalk park for hiking, biking, climbing, or exploring the outdoors is Montgomery County Recreation Area (MCRA), according to the Montgomery County Department of Recreation and Parks.The county has more than 20 parks to choose from, and more than 150 miles of trails.If you want to go for a day hike, you can go to one of the county […]

How to find a recreational marijuana dispensary in Colorado

If you’re looking for a recreational cannabis dispensary in the Rocky Mountain region, here’s a list of places to check out.The following locations are listed in order of availability.Please note: If you need to contact a Colorado cannabis dispensary for additional information, please contact the state of Colorado at (303) 623-4570.1.Colorado State Park, Rocky Mountain Park, CO, United States2.The Woodlands, […]

Wildwood Recreational Site Gets $1 Million to Grow Marijuana

The Department of Natural Resources has awarded a $1 million grant to Wildwood recreation sites in southern Arizona to help them grow marijuana for recreational use.The funds were given by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, which oversees the Department’s wildland recreation areas.The grants will help Wildwood to acquire and develop a number of recreational marijuana cultivation sites that could […]


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