What to know about recreation jobs

The leisure sector accounts for around 2 percent of the economy and is expected to expand by 3.7 percent this year, according to the OECD.Its share of the gross domestic product is projected to grow to 14.7% by 2030.Here’s a look at what the profession has to offer.1.The job market is expandingThe leisure industry is the third-largest sector of the […]

Maryland Recreational Marijuana Regulation Law Could Be a Huge Victory for Recreational Parks

REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATIVE DONALD M. WALLACE (R-NC) is working with several other state senators to draft a bill to create a new recreational marijuana market in Maryland, according to the Associated Press. WALLACE, a former U.S. attorney in Maryland and an attorney for the state’s attorney general, says his proposal would “protect recreational marijuana by providing a mechanism for the regulatory oversight […]

When will Portugal play for the World Cup?

The World Cup has not been played in Portugal since the second leg of the 2014 World Cup in Russia, with Portugal playing for the first time in a World Cup qualifier in Lisbon in December 2020.However, the Portuguese side were among the last of the five countries invited to play the tournament in 2019 and qualified through the qualifying […]

Which cities are getting the most public transit?

The question is a vexing one.Is it fair to assign public transit to those who can afford it or those who do not?The answer to this question has always been unclear, and it remains so today.The city of Boston is the only major metropolitan area in the United States with public transit.But while Boston is widely considered to be one […]

Why you should go to the Tuscaloosa Cannabis Cup

Tuscalososa is a great place to grow cannabis and the cannabis Cup is the perfect opportunity to experience the beautiful state of the cannabis plant in all its glory.The tournament is run by the Arizona Medical Cannabis Growers Association and is the only event where cannabis is grown in the state.The winners of the tournament will earn $25,000 and be […]

Which games should you play on a holiday?

From the time you wake up to the time your parents take you to bed, the games you’re going to play this year have already been made.That means it’s time to find out what games are on sale.For now, you’ll want to head over to the games store page to browse and buy all the titles available.But you should also […]


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