What you need to know about medical marijuana legalization in Washington

What you need to know about medical marijuana legalization in Washington

Medical marijuana is now legal in Washington state, but a bill in the state Senate that would allow the drug to be used for treating conditions like cancer and HIV has drawn bipartisan opposition from medical marijuana advocates and other lawmakers.

The legislation would allow patients with chronic pain to grow their own marijuana plants at home, allowing them to use the drug without the fear of arrest or prosecution.

It also would allow those with serious illnesses to access the drug with the same protections under state law as anyone else.

But Sen. Kevin Wilson, D-Seattle, and four other Senate Democrats voted against the bill, saying it was too vague, did not provide enough protections for patients and could lead to a system that makes marijuana a gateway drug for people with chronic conditions.

The measure was tabled, leaving the Senate with just one vote in favor of passing the bill.

A coalition of advocacy groups has been lobbying for medical marijuana to be allowed in the nation’s capital, and they are also pushing for the bill to be vetoed by Gov.

Jay Inslee.

The measure, introduced by Sen. Chris Larson, D, Brooklyn, and Rep. John Delaney, D (D), aims to create a system to certify patients and allow them to grow up to six plants at a time.

Patients would have to obtain a prescription for medical cannabis and provide the prescription and photos of the plants to the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Under the bill the state would issue permits for growers and dispensaries, but not licenses to the cultivators and distributors.

The bill also would create a regulatory structure for the dispensaries, with growers to be licensed by the state and dispensaries to be able to sell marijuana to patients.

The bill would allow only three growers, which would be licensed only by the State Liquor and Cannabis Board and approved by the governor.

The board would have the authority to ban certain growers, limit what types of products and equipment could be grown, regulate potency, and issue warnings to retailers.

Under current law, the medical marijuana system in Washington is regulated by the Liquor Control Board, which is a state agency, not a federal agency.

The state’s liquor control board has had to take into account the wishes of patients and growers in determining which products can be grown and which can not.

The law is expected to be signed into law by the next governor, but lawmakers will have to approve the law before they can move forward.

Wilson and other Senate lawmakers are not expected to vote on the bill this year, but the state’s medical marijuana bill faces an uphill battle.

The last time a Senate bill was passed, in January, the bill was rejected by a House committee and the bill is now dead in the Senate.

The House has also passed an unrelated measure that would legalize recreational marijuana.

Senate Majority Leader Dan Flynn, R-Alaska, has previously said that he supports allowing medical marijuana but has not yet decided if he will support the Senate bill.

The Associated Press first reported the news.


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