How to Get the Most Out of Your Cannabis, and Other Drugs

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cannabis, and Other Drugs

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to cannabis and other illicit drugs, but how do you know which ones are worth taking?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is keen to find out, and it’s set up a study to tackle the question.

The researchers are looking at how many people have used marijuana, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and MDMA in the past 12 months and how many of those people are now using recreational drugs, with a view to understanding whether the drug is more likely to lead to relapse or a new life of crime.

“This is really a major undertaking,” says Professor Paul Dobson, the director of NIDA’s National Institute of Mental Health.

We’re looking at what people use and whether it’s a gateway drug or not, he adds.

But this isn’t a research paper.

It’s an attempt to understand whether cannabis is more harmful than heroin and cocaine and whether its use leads to people becoming addicted.

“There’s a good argument that cannabis is a gateway to harder drugs and that is a reasonable assumption, but we also need to understand what the long-term impact of cannabis is,” says Dr Paul O’Neill, the NIDA director.

Dr Dobson’s team has already identified six potential risks associated with cannabis use.

They include: 1.

Risk of psychosis 2.

Risk for obesity 3.

Risk to your mental health 4.

Risk from dependence 5.

Risk with use of illicit substances and dependence 6.

Risk when it is mixed with other drugs.

It’s also looking at whether people who use cannabis are more likely than other users to commit crimes, which could be the main reason they continue to use.

But Dr Dobson and his colleagues are not the only ones trying to understand how cannabis affects people.

Last year, the Australian Medical Association’s Health Advisory Council also released a report saying cannabis is “an addictive drug that can cause addiction and harm to those who use it”.

Dr O’Connor says that when it’s combined with other substances, such as cocaine and amphetams, its use is associated with a higher risk of addiction.

“We need to be more realistic about the potential consequences of cannabis use, because it’s not something we’ve really tried to measure,” he says.

“It’s something that has the potential to lead people down a path of abuse or criminal activity.”

If we don’t want people to get addicted, then we need to think about how we can limit the risk of that happening.” 

The research will also look at whether the number of people using cannabis is changing over time.

NIDA has already published a list of what it calls “potentially dangerous drugs” which include heroin, ecstasy and MDMA, which are classified as having a high potential for abuse.”

As a result of our research, we’re looking into whether it is more dangerous to use a combination of these drugs in a short period of time,” Dr Dob.


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