What are the health risks from cat bites?

What are the health risks from cat bites?

There’s a lot of debate about whether it’s a good idea to have a cat in your home.

For some, having a cat at home is a safety net for humans.

For others, it’s an extension of the cat’s natural behavior.

And for many, cat owners are simply a fun, family-friendly activity, which makes it a no-brainer that most people are happy with their cats, right?

Well, maybe.

The health risks are just as varied, and even more concerning.

Here are five things to know about cat bites.


Cats are known to spread bacteria There’s little evidence that cats can transmit any infectious diseases.

But they can be a source of bacteria that can cause skin problems and eye irritation, and sometimes even respiratory problems, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).


Cats can cause pneumonia It’s true that some cats can cause breathing problems, such as asthma or bronchitis, but that’s not what they’re most likely to do.

They’re most prone to respiratory problems when they’re stressed, and if they get pneumonia, it can be very dangerous, especially in a family environment, said Ava Jackson, a pet physician in Los Angeles.


Cats don’t have lungs They don’t get oxygen and the heart is designed to pump air through a small opening in their lungs, so it’s not surprising that cats don’t need to breathe on their own.


Cats will eat anything You can almost imagine cats enjoying the foods they’ve been given, such in terms of toys and treats.

But it’s also possible they’ll eat a toy that’s hard to chew and will chew it to get it through a door, Jackson said.


Cats like to be on the couch and outdoors for long periods of time Cats are more active outdoors than indoors, but they also tend to stay indoors when the weather is cold, Jackson explained.

They like to get out and explore outdoors.

They may even try to climb up on furniture and climb into walls to find the toys they’ve just bought, Jackson noted.

While some cats don the same tricks as humans to climb furniture, the behavior isn’t what causes them to fall over or get hurt, she said.

“It’s usually a combination of factors, not just the lack of exercise,” she said, adding that they may need to get up and sit for a while to be sure they’re not injuring themselves.

Cats aren’t known to have an allergy, but there’s no evidence that their allergy is associated with a risk of allergic reactions, according the AVMA.

5 Ways to Keep Your Cat from Getting a Cat Bite: 1.

Use cat litter or cat litter products that contain chlorine.


Wear gloves when handling cat feces.

3, Make sure cats are neutered before going outside.

4, Check your cat’s food regularly.

5, Never leave your cat outside alone.

For more tips on cat safety, visit the AVFA website.


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