Cagle Recreation Area: A Naked Recreation Area

Cagle Recreation Area: A Naked Recreation Area

It’s a well-kept secret that Cagle is a nude recreation area.

The Cagle recreation zone has no signs or any sign that it’s off limits, according to the town’s website.

“It’s a great spot for people to go to relax, unwind, get naked, or just hang out with friends,” says Cagle’s mayor, Scott Sowden.

“We’ve seen people from all over the world come to our area and spend time there.

People come in, get out, and they’re not scared of nudity.

We’ve seen couples having sex on the property and that’s pretty cool.”

In 2014, a lawsuit was filed against the town by a resident who claims she was molested by a local man in the Cagle area.

She says that after the incident, the man called her “pig-tailed” and “pussy-shaming” and she fled to another town in the state.

But despite that, Cagle still has its own nude recreation zone.

Cagle resident Lauren Pfeifer claims she has been raped by the man who called her a “piggie” before.

“He called me a ‘pig, pig-tailed pig, pig,’ and he said, ‘You’re not a girl, you’re a pig-tail pig,’ so I got scared and I said, I’m going to get out of there,” Pfeiger said.

Pfeig has filed a lawsuit against the Cagles, the town and the man she says sexually assaulted her, claiming he is the same person who raped her.

Cagles spokeswoman Sarah Strayer says the town will not comment on individual cases.

But she says it’s important to be mindful of people’s rights.

“When someone is in a place where they feel unsafe, it’s not okay to go out and do something that is not appropriate,” she says.

PFEIFER’S LAWSUIT Cagle officials have tried to keep the story quiet.

“This was an isolated incident,” PFEIGER told NBC News.

“And, you know, it didn’t happen in our community.

There were a couple of other cases that have been brought, and this is a really isolated case.”

But on May 4, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Georgia said that it had opened an investigation into the case.

“A complaint was filed in May 2017, and a federal grand jury is currently reviewing the case,” says the agency’s press release.

“The FBI and local law enforcement are also actively investigating and cooperating with the investigation.”

So what happened?

In the months following the alleged rape, PFEIFFER’s husband and PFEIER’s mother contacted the Cakes and Cakes, asking them to remove the signs.

But that’s when things went awry.

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Pfeiffer said she had never seen or spoken to her husband.

“I don’t think I was there when he took me to the shower, or what happened in the bedroom,” she said.

“But I don’t believe I saw the things he said.”

Pfeffer said that she had asked the Cake’s management to remove signs and posted a message on the town Facebook page asking the community to stop using the area.

“They said, you’ve got a good day, and I’ve never seen it like this before,” she recalled.

The couple then contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

But the FBI didn’t open an investigation until May 10, three days after the woman’s lawyer, Mary E. Williams, sent an email to Cakes’ management and asked for an update.

“Our team has received information that an incident occurred in the past,” reads the FBI’s response.

“If the information you have is accurate, and if there is any information that could lead to a criminal investigation, we are requesting the local law and appropriate federal law enforcement agencies conduct their own review.”

Williams, who is the president of the Women’s Resource Center of Georgia, says the FBI is wrong about the incident.

“You know, if it’s true, why would they have gone to a private person?

Why would they go to a stranger?

It’s not like there’s any way in the world to prove this is not true,” she told NBC Atlanta.

“To have a sign posted at this time of day is a violation of the privacy of someone that’s been sexually abused by someone, and that can happen to anyone.”

The FBI is still investigating.

But Williams says the case has changed her life.

“For a long time I felt that the Caking and Caking had no place in my life,” she added.

“Because of what happened to me, I started thinking about other people that have experienced sexual abuse and violence.”

And it’s clear that there are many people who are scared to go naked in the area of Cagle.

“There’s a lot of fear, and


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