Why you should visit Rockingham recreational trails

Why you should visit Rockingham recreational trails

A recreation trail in the Rockingham Mountains of Maryland could be an attraction for a whole new generation of recreational marijuana tourists.

The recreational trail is named Three Oaks Recreational Trail, and it’s a trail of beautiful, old-growth, redwoods that is being converted to the recreational marijuana industry.

“It’s the largest of the three,” said Matt Smith, a senior manager at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

“It has some pretty good trails for recreational marijuana.”

Smith said that because of its scenic beauty, the trail is a perfect candidate for the Recreational Marijuana Industry Development Center (RMIC).RMIC is a partnership between the DNR, the National Park Service (NPS), and a handful of companies that will operate the trail.

The RMIC will operate out of the Maryland Natural Heritage Center in Rockingham.

The trail’s owner, Rockingham Recreational Trails, is a nonprofit that was founded in 2016.

It plans to grow the recreational trail in Rockhampton.

The RMIC is working with the Maryland Tourism Development Corporation (MTDDC) and a number of state and local agencies, including the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Department for Environmental Protection (DEP).

The RMICS plans to use state-of-the-art technology and design to create a trail that is open for recreational use and also accessible for all ages and abilities.

“The goal is to create an open, safe, and enjoyable recreational environment,” Smith said.

“We’re very committed to the area and to the trail.”

“We’re looking for a community partner that will support us in building and maintaining a recreational trail for the benefit of the community,” Smith added.

“There’s a lot of people that have spent years and years of their lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours of their own time creating trails, and the idea of having something that will be accessible to the whole community, that can be a fun and easy way to get out and experience the outdoors is a really exciting thing.”

Smith also explained that the RMIC would be a non-profit entity that will pay for construction costs, but that the money would be invested in recreational trail infrastructure.

He said the RMICS is looking for $2 million in federal funding to build and maintain the trail for recreational and medicinal purposes.

“I don’t think it’s anything we can afford to not have a trail in this community,” he said.

But, Smith said, “The money we’ve been able to get from the RMics is very important, because we need to have recreational trails in this area.”

For more information on the RMIA, visit the RMII website or call 410-547-2480.


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