What to know about recreation jobs

The leisure sector accounts for around 2 percent of the economy and is expected to expand by 3.7 percent this year, according to the OECD.Its share of the gross domestic product is projected to grow to 14.7% by 2030.Here’s a look at what the profession has to offer.1.The job market is expandingThe leisure industry is the third-largest sector of the […]

Maryland Recreational Marijuana Regulation Law Could Be a Huge Victory for Recreational Parks

REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATIVE DONALD M. WALLACE (R-NC) is working with several other state senators to draft a bill to create a new recreational marijuana market in Maryland, according to the Associated Press. WALLACE, a former U.S. attorney in Maryland and an attorney for the state’s attorney general, says his proposal would “protect recreational marijuana by providing a mechanism for the regulatory oversight […]

When will Portugal play for the World Cup?

The World Cup has not been played in Portugal since the second leg of the 2014 World Cup in Russia, with Portugal playing for the first time in a World Cup qualifier in Lisbon in December 2020.However, the Portuguese side were among the last of the five countries invited to play the tournament in 2019 and qualified through the qualifying […]

How to make a beautiful, healthy outdoor garden

When it comes to planting, you may not have heard of a great many places to put your plants.The same goes for outdoor gardening.So where do you plant and when do you need to start?Well, as anyone who’s grown flowers knows, it can be tough to know where to start.It’s best to start small and not worry about growing too […]

How to Protect Your Recreational Parks and Recreation Areas

The Outdoor Recreation Industry has long been plagued by legal and ethical concerns.Many states are in the process of moving to outlaw recreational use of wildlife and other wildlife habitat.However, recreational areas can also be used to sell other recreational goods, such as hunting and fishing equipment, while also providing recreation facilities.One of the most well-known legal areas is the […]

How to stop your child from hurting others

A mother is taking steps to protect her three-year-old son from harm from recreational marijuana stores.The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, says her son has been involved in the growing of marijuana, and he has been in trouble for being too young to drink.The boy has been told by his parents to stay away from recreational stores and only […]


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